60 MINUTES | 2022-12-30 | Adult | usa

Actor :

  Katie Karr, Dante Slim, & The Sexy Gentlemen

Description :(34:55) ***MY FIRST TIME WITH TWO COCKS*** ‼️‼️ 🍆 **BBC’s!** 🍆 **Deepthroat and Gagging on cock!** 🍆 **DOUBLE vaginal penetration!** 🍆 **TWO Creampies!** 🍆 **TONS of SQUIRTING!!!** 💦💦💦 This was a fantasy FULFILLED! I’ve always imagined being used my multiple men but have never had the nerve to make it happen! Well that all changed when I decided I wanted to show you guys something extra naughty and special! 😉 I asked @danteslim and @the5exygentlemen to fuck me on camera! I had just met them both that day (hehe, so slutty😉) I specifically told them I wanted to be USED, as that was a big part of the fantasy for me. I wanted to be dominated and made into a little cumslut, and they did not disappoint! Their BBC’s filled me up so good one right after the other, and then I was SHOOK when I was riding on top of one of their cocks, and the other came up behind me and squeezed his big cock right into my pussy as well! My first time ever having *TWO COCKS in my pussy* 🤯 The pleasure was unmatched. I loved feeling both of them stretching me! I also made a HUGE mess on the couch with all the SQUIRTING 💦💦 This was such an intense experience for my little pussy!! The guys finished one after the other dumping their loads in my 🐱. I loved loved LOVED having 2 cum loads inside me!! 🤤 Tell me how you like seeing me with two cocks at once, babe!! How many cocks should I take on next time? 😈


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